Neuro-Oncology Reviews

Volume 25 Number 11
15 June 2023

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Miyai M, Iwama T, Hara A, Tomita H.
Exploring the Vital Link Between Glioma, Neuron, and Neural Activity in the Context of Invasion.
Am J Pathol. 2023 Jun;193(6):669-679. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2023.02.018. PMID: 37286277. Review. ˍ

Iyer K, Saini S, Bhadra S, Kulavi S, Bandyopadhyay J.
Precision medicine advancements in glioblastoma: A systematic review.
Biomedicine (Taipei). 2023 Jun 1;13(2):1-13. doi: 10.37796/2211-8039.1403. PMID: 37937301. Review.

Raghavendra U, Gudigar A, Paul A, Goutham TS, Inamdar MA, Hegde A, Devi A, Ooi CP, Deo RC, Barua PD, Molinari F, Ciaccio EJ, Acharya UR.
Brain tumor detection and screening using artificial intelligence techniques: Current trends and future perspectives.
Comput Biol Med. 2023 Jun 1;163:107063. doi: 10.1016/j.compbiomed.2023.107063. PMID: 37329621. Review˰ ˍ


Xu Y, Guan H, Yu K, Ji N, Zhao Z.
Efficacy and safety of pharmacotherapy for recurrent high-grade glioma: a systematic review and network meta-analysis.
Front Pharmacol. 2023 Jun 1;14:1191480. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2023.1191480. PMID: 37324487. Review, Meta-analysis. ˍ


Sahm F, Brandner S, Bertero L, Capper D, French PJ, Figarella-Branger D, Giangaspero F, Haberler C, Hegi ME, Kristensen BW, Kurian KM, Preusser M, Tops BBJ, van den Bent M, Wick W, Reifenberger G, Wesseling P.
Molecular diagnostic tools for the World Health Organization (WHO) 2021 classification of gliomas, glioneuronal and neuronal tumors; an EANO guideline.
Neuro Oncol. 2023 Jun 2:noad100. doi: 10.1093/neuonc/noad100. PMID: 37279174. Guidelines. ˍ

Raslan O, Ozturk A, Oguz KK, Sen F, Aboud O, Ivanovic V, Assadsangabi R, Hacein-Bey L.
Imaging Cancer in Neuroradiology.
Curr Probl Cancer. 2023 Jun 4:100965. doi: 10.1016/j.currproblcancer.2023.100965. PMID: 37349190. Review˰ ˍ

Eisenbarth D, Wang YA.
Glioblastoma heterogeneity at single cell resolution.
Oncogene. 2023 Jun 5. doi: 10.1038/s41388-023-02738-y. PMID: 37277603. Review˰ ˍ

Xu C, Yuan X, Hou P, Li Z, Wang C, Fang C, Tan Y.
Development of glioblastoma organoids and their applications in personalized therapy.
Cancer Biol Med. 2023 Jun 5;20(5):353–68. doi: 10.20892/j.issn.2095-3941.2023.0061. PMID: 37283493. Review. ˍ

Zoli M, Acker G.
Editorial: Methods in neuro-oncology and neurosurgical oncology.
Front Oncol. 2023 Jun 5;13:1213965. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2023.1213965. PMID: 37342195. Editorial. ˍ

No authors listed.
6th Annual Conference of the Neuropathology Society of India (NPSICON) - Meeting Abstracts: February 23-25, 2023.
Free Neuropathol. 2023 Jun 6;4:4-9. doi: 10.17879/freeneuropathology-2023-4898. PMID: 37347034. Meeing report. ˍ

Berzero G, Pieri V, Mortini P, Filippi M, Finocchiaro G.
The coming of age of liquid biopsy in neuro-oncology.
Brain. 2023 Jun 8:awad195
. doi: 10.1093/brain/awad195. PMID: 37289981. Review. ˍ

Shakir M, Khowaja AH, Altaf A, Tameezuddin A, Bukhari SS, Enam SA.
Risk factors and predictors of intraoperative seizures during awake craniotomy: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Surg Neurol Int. 2023 Jun 8;14:195. doi: 10.25259/SNI_135_2023. PMID: 37404511. Review, Meta-analysis. ˍ


Cui J, Miao X, Yanghao X, Qin X.
Bibliometric research on the developments of artificial intelligence in radiomics toward nervous system diseases.
Front Neurol. 2023 Jun 9;14:1171167. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2023.1171167. PMID: 37360350. Bibliometric analysis. ˍ

Ouyang ZQ, Zheng GR, Duan XR, Zhang XR, Ke TF, Bao SS, Yang J, He B, Liao CD.
Diagnostic accuracy of glioma pseudoprogression identification with positron emission tomography imaging: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Quant Imaging Med Surg. 2023 Jun 9;13(8):4943-4959
. doi: 10.21037/qims-22-1340. PMID: 37581048. Review, Meta-analysis. ˍ

Han YP, Lin HW, Li H.
Cancer Stem Cells in Tumours of the Central Nervous System in Children: A Comprehensive Review.
Cancers (Basel). 2023 Jun 11;15(12):3154. doi: 10.3390/cancers15123154. PMID: 37370764. Review. ˍ

Law K, Harris E, McCabe MG, Yorke J, van der Veer SN.
Measurement Properties of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Adolescent and Young Adult Survivors of a Central Nervous System Tumor: A Systematic Review.
J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol. 2023 Jun 12. doi: 10.1089/jayao.2023.0048. PMID: 37307017. Review. ˍ


Goel A.
High-grade gliomas - Is radical resection needed? Is radical resection possible? Is surgery necessary?
J Craniovertebr Junction Spine. 2023 Jun 13;14(2):113-115. doi: 10.4103/jcvjs.jcvjs_52_23. PMID: 37448503. Editorial. ˍ

Fu M, Zhou Z, Huang X, Chen Z, Zhang L, Zhang J, Hua W, Mao Y.
Use of Bevacizumab in recurrent glioblastoma: a scoping review and evidence map.
BMC Cancer. 2023 Jun 14;23(1):544. doi: 10.1186/s12885-023-11043-6. PMID: 37316802. Review. ˍ

Allgood JE, Roe A, Sparks BB, Castillo M, Cruz A, Brooks AE, Brooks BD.
The Correlation of Sleep Disturbance and Location of Glioma Tumors: A Narrative Review.
J Clin Med. 2023 Jun 15;12(12):4058. doi: 10.3390/jcm12124058. PMID: 37373751. Review. ˍ

Hanson S, Dharan A, P V J, Pal S, Nair BG, Kar R, Mishra N.
Paraptosis: a unique cell death mode for targeting cancer.
Front Pharmacol. 2023 Jun 15;14:1159409. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2023.1159409. PMID: 37397502. Review. ˍ

Jahanshahi A, Salarinejad S, Oraee-Yazdani S, Chehresonboll Y, Morsali S, Jafarizadeh A, Falahatian M, Rahimi F, Jaberinezhad M.
Gliomatosis cerebri with blindness: A case report with literature review.
Radiol Case Rep. 2023 Jun 15;18(9):2884-2894. doi: 10.1016/j.radcr.2023.05.037. PMID: 37388536. Case report, Review. ˍ

Pakula RJ, Scott PJH.
Applications of radiolabeled antibodies in neuroscience and neuro-oncology.
J Labelled Comp Radiopharm. 2023 Jun 15. doi: 10.1002/jlcr.4049. PMID: 37322805. Review. ˍ

Wu Y, Song Y, Wang R, Wang T.
Molecular mechanisms of tumor resistance to radiotherapy.
Mol Cancer. 2023 Jun 15;22(1):96. doi: 10.1186/s12943-023-01801-2. PMID: 37322433. Review. ˍ